Gift time: Florence Welch will shoot in the Gucci festive video

It is still far from the New Year, but it is worth thinking about gifts for yourself and loved ones now. To immerse yourself in a festive atmosphere and plunge into a world filled with fabulous images, a new video of an advertising campaign presenting Gucci Beauty gifts will help.

A friend of the fashion house, the singer, the author of the songs and producer Florence Welch will play the main role in the New Year’s video, where he will merge with the melody in the theater production that evokes the memories of Christmas plays and festive chants. Thanks to gifts from Gucci Beauty, we will be able to indulge in fantasies, recall traditions and wait for the holidays in anticipation of magic. How can you please yourself and loved ones?

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme and Gucci Guilty Pour Femme

The Gucci

Un nou studiu realizat de oamenii de știință de la Universitatea din Queensland (Australia) a arătat: dacă prietena ta crede că trebuie să țină ușa în față, ajută să pună o haină și, Dumnezeu să interzică, purtând poșeta doar din simplul motiv stimulente sexuale farmacia tei un bărbat S -a născut, atunci este mult mai dificil pentru ea să experimenteze orgasmul unei femei cu aspect feminist.

Guilty Universe, who is loved by many space for expressing oneself and their sensuality, inspires truly free men and women to accomplish. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme spinning and fuel composition carries an authentic masculine character marked by the upper notes of pink pepper in combination with an invigorating shade of Italian lemon. The heart of the aroma is filled with a balanced combination of orange wood flowers, Neroli and French lavender, and the notes of Pachuli and cedar sound in sensory and persistent train.

Gucci Guilty Pour Femme – a rich and noble floral aroma. The upper notes of the mandora merge in a delicate trio with bergamot and pink pepper. The main note of lilacs contrasts with pink and violet chords, intertwining with a shade of geranium oil and creating a thin, not similar flower composition. The aroma of the mysterious duet of the essence and microdistillation oil of the patchouli, connecting to the Ambro chords and leaving a stable train, completes the aroma.

Perfumery water Gucci Bloom

Singing sincerity, the vitality and versatility of women who identify themselves with the images of Gucci, this unique aroma was created to open in the same way as the buds in the garden do it. Fresh perfume resembles a grand garden full of flowers and all kinds of plants, fragrant jasmine, tuberose and note.

Perfume water Gucci Bloom Ambrosia

Personifying the luxurious feast of the ancient world, the aroma of Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori is a precious nectar. It opens with notes of the original perfumery water Gucci Bloom, supplemented by new ingredients that enhance the floral character. Its bright bouquet includes rare shades of velvety iris and Damasian rose.

Gucci Flora Gorgeus Gardenia

A truly feminine aroma, combining the lightness of the first buds of Gardenia and the luxury of its blossomed colors, Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia will be the best companion of outstanding, attractive and true women. The first sparkling shades of red berries give way to luxurious flower notes of the heart, emphasized by the warm, soft sound of red jasmine and augmented attractive fragrance of patchouli and reed sugar.

Lipstick Rouge à lèvres mat

Inspired by the images of Hollywood stars of the Golden Age with their expressive lips, Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Mat in a shade of 25* Goldie Red is created to give the image of sensuality, charm and spectacular. Lipstick is a unique item of makeup suitable for the festive season. She is admirable and attracts attention thanks to a wonderful property to instantly change the image.

Limited series of lipstick Rouge à lèvres lunaison

A limited series of three rouge à lèvres lunaison, created specifically for holidays, carries the spirit of freedom of expression, positive energy and joyful mood. A sparkling formula, easily filling the lips with bright and deep color, is enclosed in the rolled and sparkling sparkles of gently flickering lipstick. A golden-like ar-deco-style case with an intricate engraving and a violet-colored cap emphasizes the passion of a creative director for collectible, all desired objects. Three shades – Madge Red, Agatha Orange and Vantine Fuchsia – symbolize his love for rich colors.

L’OBSCUR eyelashes

To create a delightful gaze, Gucci represents an indispensable mascara of L’ABSCUR eyelashes, enclosed in an elegant pink bottle with a golden lid. The name personifies the charming and mysterious image created by it, and the formula has a rich creamy texture. Mascara is represented only in one saturated black shade. Developed to emphasize the bright individuality of everyone, mascara with the possibility of applying in several layers allows you to embody any image, from classic to impudent, from minimalistic to hooligan.

Poudre de Beauté Mat Naturel – matting powder

Aligning powder with the regulation of the degree of coating creates an impeccable complexion. Enjoy the cosmetic traditions of the past with powder Poudre de Beauté Mat Naturel, which has a weightless, delicate texture. Its light floral aroma and comfortable structure give incredible sensations as soon as you apply the product to the skin.