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Basic strategy is a set of rules designed to make the game fairer for both players, no matter what cards they draw. If they total 15, 16, 17 or 18, they can be “zapped” for two new cards. If players choose this option, their opening cards are replaced with new ones, and the game continues following Push 22 Blackjack rules.

Adopted in both virtual and physical casinos, it has quickly become one of the most popular games for the general public. The reason for this is its rules, which combine thinking and decision-making. Aces count as 1 or 11, face cards count as 10 and all other cards are counted at face value. A blackjack occurs when the first two cards of a hand are an Ace and a 10 or a face card, i.e. a two-card hand with a total value of 21, the highest possible score at blackjack. If she has a ten or an ace, she will check to see if the face-down card adds up to a Blackjack, or 21 points.

Additional Rules

As with regular Blackjack, players are betting on whose cards will add up closest to 21, without going over—their cards or the dealer’s. Remove the tens from the deck, add some new play options and bonus prizes, and what do you get? Learn the main differences of this unique version of Blackjack, and its basic strategy. And since blackjack is far from being a game to bully players who come to the casino, there are situations where both parties tie the game. This exciting version of Blackjack lets you combine two bets to increase your chances of winning – one on a hand of Casino War and another on a standard hand of Blackjack. A player with two similar cards can choose to separate these into two individual hands, called a split.

When it comes to blackjack, the exact percentage of the house edge is hard to be defined due to the fact that the game has so many variants. For instance, the house edge in the version Blackjack Switch is 0.17% and in Super Fun 21 is 0.94%. In this sense, the more packs of cards in use, the higher the house edge is. For example, single deck blackjack games increase the house edge with only 0.4%, whereas the eight deck variations – with 0.

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Blackjack switch let’s you make the most of two hands, by swapping out the second card dealt to each. If the banker has an ace in the game, he allows players to secure a Blackjack from him by inviting them to bet no more than half of their initial bet. For more detailed information, please consult Québec’s By-law respecting casino games. In case of a discrepancy between the rules in this text and those in the By-law, the rules in the By-law prevail.

  • Still, that is better than losing everything from a terrible hand.
  • All players that choose to stand, will be done with their decision making.
  • Once the player’s decisions have all been made, the dealer will then act in exactly the same manner as any other blackjack game and make their choice to hit, stand, etc.
  • The dealer is the person who represents the casino and he/she is responsible for conducting the gaming process in a smooth and professional manner.

After the split has been done, you can draw only one card on each split Ace. This reasoning is based on the fact that your initial hand wasn’t a natural. Once the round of War is over, it’s time to move on to Blackjack.

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Using the shoe, he then extracts a second face-up card and deals them to each of his opponents, ending with himself. Unlike his competitors, he takes care to hide the second card he has awarded himself. Although players are allowed to occupy several spots at the table, they must give up a spot for a new player if there are no other available spots.

  • Double down is a simple blackjack bet that allows you to double the value of your initial stake.
  • Learn the main differences of this unique version of Blackjack, and its basic strategy.
  • These are cards where the probability of busting increases for both the player and the dealer.
  • The House edge in this game is lesser than in other games which means that a player with high strategy can end up winning over and over again.
  • Blackjack uses a standard deck of playing cards, but you’ll find the way these cards are valued differs from other casino games.

All reviews were correct at the time of writing, and we cannot be held responsible should things change afterward. There’s no charge for using our site, and you can rest assured your data is protected in line with our Privacy Policy. But before you head off, one of our top blackjack tips involves understanding the differences between playing blackjack online and at a brick-and-mortar casino.


While you will lose half your bet, you can gain 50% back on a hand you are unlikely to win. Blackjack games offer early and late surrender, depending on the game rules. Blackjack is a card game where the player competes against the dealer to see who has the best value hand.

blackjack rules

Each time a hand is dealt, the card will be placed into one of three boxes which will tell you as the player the range of the dealer’s holecard. Since blackjack is a game of skills and luck, it is possible to influence the outcome of every round by applying a strategy. The more you know about the game, the higher your chances of winning are. Blackjack has a moderately low house edge which enables you to become a consistent winner and even make a profit in the long term. However, in order to achieve this goal, you need to prepare yourself in advance and master the basic strategy. Blackjack insurance allows you to recover 50% of your initial wager if you don’t think your hand is good.

Match the Dealer Side Wager

This is known as a ‘push’, and it results in what is essentially a tie. You receive your original stake back and move on to the next round. Hold on to your opening cards if you’re happy with them—you’re under no obligation to ”zap” for a new hand. Each time someone makes a Blazing 7s side bet, it’s added to a growing progressive prize pool. Depending on how many and which specific 7s you get, you can qualify for a portion of or the entire progressive prize. According to the rule, the dealer will deal one face-up card to himself.

blackjack rules

The more decks in play at your blackjack table, the higher the house edge will be. Double deck blackjack usually offers a house edge of around .341% compared to a six deck game’s .55% house edge. Note, this is an ‘all things equal’ equation so differing house or specific game rules can and will slightly alter the house edge.

Use a Strategy Chart

This winning hand is called blackjack and it typically pays out 3/2. If you happen to form such a card combination, you instantly win. However, there is one exception to this rule – if the dealer also has a blackjack, the outcome of the round is a tie or in other words, a push. This basically means that no one wins in which case the bet is automatically returned to the player. One of the lesser-known rules of blackjack is the even-money bet.

  • Insurance bets cost half of your original stake, and pay out at 2-1.
  • When the game traveled to the United States in gambling houses, blackjack rules consisted of bonuses paid to players who showed the ace of spades or a black jack card.
  • If the dealer and player have the same number of points, the push leaves all bets to continue on to the next hand with no win or loss.
  • Blackjack games offer early and late surrender, depending on the game rules.
  • At its core, blackjack is a card-counting casino game where the value of each card contributes towards making a winning value that is less than or equal to 21.

If you’re planning on playing casino games that use six decks, then a basic blackjack strategy might be enough for you. Otherwise, consider using an advanced counting system like Hi-Lo to give you an edge. This rule is very flexible in that you may find it being applied in different manners across different tables. In the case that the dealer’s hand is a natural blackjack, all the players at the table will lose their bet.

The Value of the Blackjack Chips

Both hands will have additional cards, although you must make the same value bet on the second hand. If you and the dealer finish with a hand of equal value, the bet is pushed and your wager is returned. Then again, you could lose the bet if the card you doubled with is lower than the dealer’s hand. If you have two cards totalling 17, it’s better to stand because the odds of busting are higher. The biggest advantage of the game of blackjack is the low house edge.

  • If a blackjack occurs between the game master and one of the contestants, no money is exchanged.
  • This indicates to the dealer that a player is doubling down and will deal only one more card to complete a player’s hand.
  • Note that you can not draw any additional cards after doubling down.
  • You can also have some practice in free blackjack games before playing for real money.

Our safety net has been modified to warn you about mistakes before they can be made. The other Medium box situation the player should be on the lookout for is a 2 as the upcard. This situation mirrors the 6 in the blue box and gives the dealer a set of possible total of 8, 9, 10 or 11. If you win a hand of blackjack against the dealer, you’ll be paid at a 1-to-1 rate, meaning you win back the same amount as you bet.

When to Split and Double Down

Usually, the interest in gambling is limited to the lure of an easy win. Fortunately, there are some games that are an exception to this rule. The dealer deals two cards face up to each player, and one card face up and one card face down to himself. GGPoker encourages responsible gambling and is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

  • And even at that low point, certain rules can drop the house edge right down to .25%.
  • If you want to play double-deck blackjack, European Blackjack from Microgaming is an excellent choice.
  • Since the ability to exchange cards is advantageous for players, Zappit uses the “Push 22” rule to level the playing field.
  • While playing the side wager is optional and doesn’t affect the main game, there are lots of good reasons to give it a try.
  • Before playing blackjack, you might benefit from learning about certain notions of the game.
  • Composition-sensitive hands are best exploited by playing lots of hands that are hard for the dealer to play well.

If the player gets a ten and ace after splitting, then it counts as 21 points (not a Blackjack). Everyone’s played a good old fashioned board game at some point in their lives. Monopoly, Scrabble, 30 Seconds – these are the names of some of the greatest board games in history that continue to captivate players from around the world to this day.

Blackjack Casino Rules: Basics of the 21

Overall, blackjack has always offered fabulous casino odds but when you drop the decks down to two, you are dealing with a house edge of around .34%. And even at that low point, certain rules can drop the house edge right down to .25%. Now, these are not guaranteed rules for every two deck blackjack game, but they will optimize your advantage.

blackjack rules

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Variations include Kings Bounty Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, Low Limit Blackjack, War Blackjack, Zappit Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack. As with any game or game variant, rules are individualised – and in the case of online blackjackgames, whether in the virtual or live space, it’s no different. The game is started by the shuffling of the cards and once the game has been prepared, the placing of bets come after. The players would place their bets and afterwards, receives their cards in face-up position. The classic option is for the players to have a face down card which they will hold up themselves but nowadays, more have adapted the way of placing face up cards instead. On the other hand, the dealer would only have one face up card and another card that’s faced down.

Likewise, a pair of aces gives you an unfriendly hand value of either 2 or 12, so it’s a much better idea to split them and hope that 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s show up. Split 10s if there’s an ace or a 3, split 9s if there’s another 9 or 8, split 7s if there’s an 8 or 7, and split 6s with any other 6. Don’t bother splitting 2s, though, because you’re just wasting your time and money. When you are ready to start counting cards with the Zen Count system, start by setting your value at 0 and then add up each card as seen from the above chart. Decrease bets when low-value cards are more likely to appear than their face values suggest they should be (i.e., due to plenty of high-value cards in the deck).

If a blackjack occurs between the game master and one of the contestants, no money is exchanged. If on the first two cards, a player thinks they can win with only one more card, they may place a wager equal to the amount of their original bet beside their bet saying “double”. This indicates to the dealer that a player is doubling down and will deal only one more card to complete a player’s hand. If a player wins, they will double the amount of their total bet. Offer variations on blackjack with different odds of winning and ways to play. You might want to learn the fundamentals of the standard game before you try your hand(s) at the others.

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