Blood cancer and young adults: treatment side effects

Blood cancer and young adults: treatment side effects

In some cases, doctors can carry out HIFU treatment outside of clinical trials. HIFU is not widely available and its long-term effectiveness has not yet been conclusively proven. An alternative to hormone therapy is to surgically remove the testicles (orchidectomy).

We have more information about fertility, including ways to preserve your fertility. Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells by interfering with the way they multiply. Chemotherapy does not cure prostate cancer, but can keep it under control and reduce symptoms (such as pain) so everyday life is less affected.

Treating brain tumours with steroids factsheet – PDF

It is usually important to take the full dose to get the full effect. Some medicines must also be taken in particular ways – for example, at particular times of day, on an empty stomach, or with or after food. If your lifestyle makes it difficult to for you to do this, try discussing it with your doctor.

  • You may find that you can’t continue working due to fatigue, or that you have to reduce the amount of time you spend at work.
  • Please attend your appointment as planned unless we have contacted you to reschedule.
  • Some hospitals may offer them as an alternative to surgery, radiotherapy or hormone therapy.
  • The clinical pharmacist will routinely review the discharge summary and ensure this reducing regimen is clear.

Unfortunately, this is rarely possible with brain tumours and there are nearly always tumour cells left behind which cause the tumour to regrow. However, by removing as much of the tumour as possible during surgery, the remaining cells may become more ‘sensitive’ to radiation. The polytherapy approach (combination of medication, surgery and radiation) is the mainstay of treatment for most brain tumours in man.

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Amongst men, there can be a particular focus on muscle definition, and especially a type that can be hard to achieve through diet and exercise alone. This technique of micro droplet steroid injection in my experience reduces the chance of this side effect to less than 5%. When steroid injections are used for alopecia areata, they can help bring about regrowth.

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This is because the side-effects likely wouldn’t arise during their life expectancy. But, your medical team will discuss this with you based on your prognosis. There may be other options such as different size doses as mentioned.

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Please contact your neurosurgical ward or specialist nurse if you have not been issued a copy of your discharge summary. You should follow the weaning regime which has been specifically designed to meet your individual needs. If you have to reduce or stop work because of your prostate cancer, you may find it hard to cope financially.

Some cases of prostate cancer can be cured if treated in the early stages. Treatments include surgically removing the prostate, radiotherapy and hormone therapy. If the cancer has spread to your bones, medicines called bisphosphonates may be used.

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For this reason your doctor may decide to prescribe a particular brand rather than the generic version. Delirium is a serious and very common condition in patients receiving palliative care, especially towards the end of life. It can be very distressing for the patient and those close to them, but there are ways you can support them. It can help to recognise delirium quickly and identify any potentially reversible causes.